Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ground Swell of Investors @Idea Auction

An idea auction that's what it is.The "it" in question is the crowd funding phenomenon. Crowd funding is a legacy of Web 2.0, a product of the age of social media. Put simply, any one with an idea, pitches it to the world wide online community, in the form of a video, then depending on how persuasive the pitch is and how many people see it via email, facebook, twitter... people will contribute money via credit card to see this idea through to fruition.

The Zuka campaign is ongoing, feel free to check it out and  share the link with a friend or two , to think this fundraising platform has been around since 2008.The small entrepreneur with internet access can now attract investment from around the world. Almost like floating one's enterprise on the stock exchange except your funders are not strictly speaking investors because they don't have a controlling interest in your enterprise but rather wish you well. Ideally they do not expect a monetary return on their contribution.

Here are some choice posts to help you navigate your way to start up money for that new project of yours.

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