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4 October 2012
The Mohamed Amin Foundation
Nairobi, Kenya
MoFORCE Student Films Win Awards in Uganda: ZUKA Festival
We dedicate this ZUKA award to the memory of our fellow student Mathew Kibi
Director of Photography – The Boxer
The Boxer and Wololo took honours at the 3rd edition of the ZUKA FILM FESTIVAL,
held in Kampala, Uganda on Saturday 29 September 2012.
The Mohamed Amin Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya through its TV and Film Training
Centre, MoFORCE Training, has had excellent film festival results with its student short
films in the past 10 years. Repeated Awards have been won at ZIFF (Zanzibar);
AMAKULA (Uganda); ZUKA (Uganda); KIFF (Kenya); Tampere (Finland); BISFF
(Bangkok, Thailand); The Student Film Festival of Lagos, Nigeria and a Nomination for
World’s Best Short Film in New York.
2012, is no exception and in Uganda, the MoFORCE films won awards and accolades at
the ZUKA Foundation’s 3rd Annual Film Festival, on Saturday night.
The ZUKA Foundation announced that the Audience's Favourite Film for the 3rd
Annual ZUKA Students Film Festival, is:
The Boxer, Directed by Michael Ilako, of The Mohammed Amin Foundation,
The Filmmaker also won himself a Scroll from ZUKA and a cash prize of One Million
Uganda Shillings. The prize is a contribution towards his next film project. The money
will be released upon submitting of a script and budget for the next film.
This contribution was made possible through the generous support of VeFJO e.V in
Germany, in Partnership with ZUKA Foundation.
The Boxer
Director: Michael Ilako
Script: Michael Ilako, Denis Munene and the late Mathew Kibi
Script Supervisor: Keziah Wangui
Editing: Michael Ilako, Dennis Munene and the late Mathew Kibi
Sound: John Deng, Patricia Gitau
Director of Photography: The late Mathew Kibi
Camera: Denis Munene Focus Puller: May Wairimu Grips: Ernest Okeyo
Producer: Catherine Muema
Casting: MoForce 13 with Ayaz Rajput
Technical Advisor: Ayaz Rajput
Executive Producers: David Johnson &Christel de Wit, The Mohamed Amin Foundation
This is a wonderful incentive for young filmmakers and The Mohamed Amin Foundation
commends ZUKA for this initiative.
More Awards:
The third place in the Audience’s Favourite Film was taken by the music video Wololo,
Directed by Catherine Muema of The Mohammed Amin Foundation, Kenya with lyrics
written and performed by Kenyan artist, Nina Ogot
See Wololo here
According to this year’s Festival Director: Chris Kayonga, ‘The ZUKA Foundation and its
awards for Student filmmakers are to encourage young talent to make more films.
ZUKA is an annual showcase of some of the young film-making talent in East Africa.
This year, we also featured films from Rwanda, Singapore and Bangladesh.
ZUKA is committed to continuing along the path of growth as we grow along with East
Africa's film scene. Our goal is to "Tell stories to inspire generations."
We thank the ZUKA Foundation and all their sponsors and assistants for making this
END of Press Release

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